We are so excited for Eddie to be part of our family. He is such a sweet dog to everyone. His coat is incredible and he has 1 blue eye.


Xerox is a total love bug! He wants all the attention and has a mellow personality. He comes from champion lines. He is 6 pounds. He has a beautiful blue merle coat. He carries chocolate, parti, and Ee blonde.


Shirley is beautiful blue Merle from Hungary. Her dam is a puppy champion. She comes from chocolate lines on dads side. She is 5 pounds and has huge eyes that are so cute! She is a sweetheart and loves to play.



Calvin is our sweetest stud. He is just over 3 pounds. He has the sweetest most mellow personality. His dad is a 3 time champion. He comes from Russia and is absolutely incredible! He has a very dark coat that’s extremely thick and super soft.



Ziggy is full of energy and loves to run and play! Her dam is a champion. She carries the Ee gene. She is 7 pounds. She has the perfect coat that is so easy to care for. She is going to have the cutest babies !



Kole came to us from South Africa. He is an extremely rare solid black (KB Gene). He is 4.5 pounds. He has the most beautiful coat ever ! Kole’s coat is so thick and soft it drags on the ground. His eye are so big they are just amazing to look at. He is very mellow and loves to be carried around.



Mason is a whopping 2.5 pounds. He has the tiniest babydoll face with big huge bug eyes. We can’t wait to see what kind of babies he has. His dad is a champion. He came to us from Hungary. He carries the Ee gene. He is full of kisses and loves to go in the car. Such a sweet baby.