Care & Feeding

We recommend Royal Canin Food. Our puppies leave on “Mini Starter” or “Baby Dog”. We think its great! It’s important to read about hypoglycemia in teacup dogs so you know how to deal with it if it happens. The most important thing is never to let them go without eating, Even if it’s a McDonald’s chicken nugget it’s better then nothing.

We boil chicken breast and chop it up into tiny bites. We use that as a training treat for potty. This works great and helps motivate appetite. Read up on Hypoglycemia by “Clicking Here”

We have been asked many times the appropriate age for a puppy to leave its mother. It depends on the size of the puppy. Smaller puppies we will keep past 8 weeks, sometimes up to 13 weeks to ensure they are ready.


We give only the best food to our Merle Yorkies

Royal Canin is a well known dog food company that has been around for a long time. Royal Canin is a trusted company that will continue to provide the best quality food on the market. We stand behind their products. When you open a bag of Royal Canin the food is a darker color, indicating it hasn’t been as heat processed as some other kibbles. It is very pungent and moist. Its quality you can see!

We have been feeding this to our Merle Yorkie dogs for many years, and one thing has been clear – our dogs stay healthy their whole lives. Spending the extra money to get better food for your furry friend can save you thousands in vet bills from health problems later in their lives. Feeding your puppy a high quality food will help them live a longer and happier life!

This Food is sold in Pets Mart and at PetCo

Mini Puppy Is the Food That Will Come with Your Puppy

Adult Yorkie Food is the next Food to use after your puppy reaches Adulthood around 11 – 12 months.